On a warm Saturday night, Faheem Azam took the stage by storm – displaying his notorious crown jewel “Don’t laugh! I’m serious!” the stand-up comedian brought the show finally at The Hive in Islamabad on July 21. Pakistan’s very own version of Kevin Hart made the audience roll-on-the-floor-laughing with his unique and witty sense of humor, bolstered by his powerful punchlines.

You must have heard of Azam, if you are acquainted with the theatre and comedy circuit in Pakistan. Over a decade in the game now, Azam has established himself as one of the top kingpins of theatre comedy in the country. He may deceive you at first glance with his sharp-features, a kind face and hair littered with grey strands, but don’t be fooled, because inside him is a devil that is only pleased when he sees your tears – tears from laughter.

Grabbing from his work such as Buhat Nazuk Surat-e-Haal Hai and Laakhon Mein Teen, Azam set the stage “Don’t Laugh! I’m Serious!” – A show that closely relates to our daily lives. The show beckons us to question the most important problems in our lives; ranging from why Wasim Akram hails Ariel as the best washing powder to how women in Pakistan are ready to challenge everything, from larkay itnay bewaqoof kyun hotay hainto Imran Khan kis mushkil main hay.